Evaluation Essay | Toyota, Ford and Ferrari

As for the content, Ford’s official website is the most consistent compared to those of Ferrari and Toyota. In fact, the official website of Ford provides users with the detailed information on products and services of the company and offers ample opportunities to obtain whatever information consumers may need. Ferrari is more oriented on sales of its products but the content is not limited to cars but also to products of its sport department. Ferrari attempts to expand the scope of products and services offered via its official website. As for Toyota, the company’s website offers diverse content, which focuses on the promotion of the company’s products only.

Finally, security is extremely important in the contemporary business and online transactions. All websites provide the high level of information security to protect users from information breaches and loss of personal information. At the same time, consumers can be confident in each official website.

Thus, the official website of Ford is the most effective in terms of navigation and content, while Ferrari’s official website is the most effective in terms of design. All websites are accessible and secure.