Executive Summary | Bridgeport Rental Storage Inc

In such a situation, the company has to create a sustainable competitive advantage. In this regard, the company should focus on the quality of its products and services delivered to customers and on the development of positive relations with the local community to gain its support and to shape a positive public image that will contribute to the fast development of the company and stable position of the company in the market due to the loyalty of customers to the brand of the company.

As for the key implementation strategies required to be successful, it is worth mentioning the total quality management and the knowledge sharing management. These strategies can be effective and bring positive outcomes due to the progress of employees, their professional development, positive interpersonal relationships within the company and the customer satisfaction.

The financial and market results expected within the first year comprise $1,600,000 in revenues and $1,400,000 in expenses. In the course of five years the profits are supposed to increase by 30-40%.